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Welfare Policy


Wickford Fencing Club works in conjunction with the British Fencing association to ensure we look after our fencers in-line with the rules and regulations protecting our members.


Wickford Fencing Club aims to encourage younger members to enjoy their sport, and to develop their skills in a supportive environment. The statement below describes the club’s key expectations for behaviour and the measures it will take to ensure junior members participate in the best possible conditions. The club considers junior members to be those aged under 18.

We aim to comply with best practice as defined by British Fencing, the sport’s governing body in the United Kingdom. Our coaching staff are DBS checked and must have up-to-date safeguarding qualifications and first-aid certificates. The club also elects a Welfare officer to its committee who is the first point of contact for concerns regarding safeguarding and welfare.

Our welfare officer may be contacted by emailing

Further information about British Fencing’s welfare policy is available at their website:

Junior Member Responsibilities

Parents and carers are ultimately responsible for the safety and behaviour of junior members during club sessions.

Wickford Fencing Club will take all reasonable measures to ensure that fencing and organized training activities during its sessions are conducted safely.

Participants must wear the appropriate protective clothing while fencing.

The club expects junior members to participate in training activities organized during sessions unless they are fencing or having a lesson with a coach.

The club reserves the right to exclude any member whose behaviour is unsafe or otherwise unacceptable from an activity, from a club session, or from the club altogether. Malicious damage to club equipment or the property of the community centre will be treated with the greatest seriousness.

Children not participating in fencing or other related training may only attend the club if accompanied by an adult at all times, even if they are members.

 No junior fencer aged 13 may attend unaccompanied by a parent/carer.

The club’s officers and coaches will oversee fencing and training activities to ensure that safety guidelines are followed and behavioural standards are maintained.

Concerns regarding safety and the behaviour of club members should be addressed to the coaches, the welfare officer or a member of the committee.


Supervision of Junior Members

The minimum age for a fencer is 8 years.

Any fencer aged 8 to 13 inclusive must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18) within the hall during the club session.

The responsible adult must:

Be familiar with all the child’s individual needs, such as medical conditions, physical limitations and emotional wellbeing.

Be ready to support matters of behaviour and discipline, especially in regard to safety. The coaches and committee will regularly remind club members of our rules for safety and discipline. Please raise any concerns to our welfare officer, committee member or coach.

Be able to assist if the child requires additional help putting on the fencing equipment.

Any fencer aged 14 to 17 inclusive may be left on site without a responsible adult present provided that:

At least one committee member is made aware.

Contact details for a responsible adult are left with a committee member or coach. This must be done in writing and be readily available to both committee and young person.

The drop-off and collection arrangements are made clear to both the young person and the committee member. Do not arrange a collection time after the club has closed as we cannot provide cover of any kind.

Please note that WFC does not have access to any facilities associated with the community centre premises other than the hall, toilets and car park.



The safety and wellbeing of fencers is of paramount concern.

Anyone, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin religious beliefs and/or sexual identity has the right to protection from abuse.

If there are concerns that a fencer is being subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse or is being neglected, these concerns should be raised to the club welfare officer.

Where this is not possible, or the welfare officer may not be able to handle the concerns in an impartial way, the issues should be raised to the club chairman.

Where this is not possible, or the welfare officer and the club chairman may not be able to handle the concerns in an impartial way, the issue should be raised with the British Fencing Safeguarding Hotline on 07526 003030 or email

All suspicions and allegations of abuse and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.



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